Your Moment of Jenn Episode 124 | Thirst Trap

April 4, 2018

Forgive any rambling in this episode, Jenn has been on the road for the last two days, and exhaustion has set in. But first, Jenn starts the show by informing everyone that the last installment of 'Second Skate' will be delayed until the end of the competitive skating season in August. 

Then the conversation turns to some recent experiences for Jenn and why she chooses to keep her private life mostly private, and how it relates to her move back to Chicago this fall, and her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband. While Jenn will continue to choose to keep friends and family off the blog and social media for the most part, she feels it's important to keep talking about self-care, proactive mental health, and life changes. 

Finally, Jenn wraps up the show with a quick anecdote about how the girl blow drying her hair at the gym topless she discussed in the last podcast might have been onto something. 


Your Moment of Jenn Episode 123 | A Welcome Distraction

March 12, 2018

This week Jenn returns to her podcast... rather she was ordered to return to her podcast... to blow off some steam after a pretty stressful last couple of weeks. In this episode, Jenn talks about how some men didn't get the memo that they should stop being pigs, people watching at the gym, and how much work actually goes into being a creative trying to break into the entertainment business. 

If you're looking for the third and final installment of 'Second Skate' that will drop around 3-17-18


YMOJ Special Series | #SecondSkate Part 2

February 25, 2018

In this second episode of the special series #SecondSkate Jenn goes into great detail about an extremely negative reaction to the first part that led to fighting back publicly. She also shares insights into how it's impacting her life currently, and how she plans to manage it going forward, which has caused some new revelations from her as she thinks about what the message from this podcast will be. 

From there the series picks up where it left off, and that's a retired 15-year old Jenn taking a 7 month break from skating, the longest she has ever been off her skates. Soon she will return to the sport, and things again begin to deteriorate until a fateful night when she was 19 years old. 

Again, listener discretion is advised as this part of the journey delves into great detail about eating disorders. 


YMOJ Special Series | #SecondSkate Part 1

February 21, 2018

In this special podcast series, Jenn discusses her history as a trauma survivor as it affected her decision to return to skating in 2017. This episode explains how her past abuse, family dynamics, and skating impacted her early childhood. Serious issues are discussed in this episode that may be harmful for some, so listener discretion is advised. 


Your Moment of Jenn Episode 122: Side Hustle September

September 5, 2017

This week kicks off Jenn's feature 'Side Hustle September' with the co-creator of Saisons Plus Fashion, Kimberlin Waters. Kimberlin shares how she overcame the fear of starting something new while juggling a day job to find her passion in creating a fun and eclectic fashion line for plus sized women. Follow @SaisonsPlusFashion on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. YOMJ listeners receive 15% off with code: SAISONSFALL

The second half of the show gets a bit silly with a weekend story involving Jenn's ex-husband and some strange stalking. 

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Your Moment of Jenn Episode 121: A Guys Girl

August 28, 2017

Text 90999 to make a $10 donation to The Red Cross to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

This week Jenn opens the show with thoughts and well wishes going out to all of Houston after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Jenn asks that everyone do whatever they possibly can to aid in recovery. 

The first segment focuses on Jenn's 'learn to love it' mantra and how it came to be. 

Jen then goes into the MTV VMAs and her outrage over not having MTV even though she spends the GDP of some small countries on cable and streaming services. She will try to go on with the show even though she is devastated she can't see Taylor Swift's new video live. 

Finally, Jenn talks about some alarming things she's seeing about couples having friends of the opposite sex and she has some strong thoughts on this topic. 

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Your Moment of Jenn Episode 120: Spazzy Cat

August 22, 2017

This week Jenn opens the show stress eating a rotisseire chicken at her kitchen counter with her bare hands. Why is she stressed? Well she's starting a new and kind of scary project this week, and she has some parenting stress she's dealing with, too. Talk then turns to the eclipse, and her experiences with the dearly departed Jerry Lewis during her intern days with MDA. 

The second half of the episode touches on Jenn's recent experience with intermittent fasting, and why it annoys her so much when women over 35 complain about aging and give in to self loathing. 

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Your Moment of Jenn Episode 119: Zero First Dates

August 13, 2017

This week Jenn talks about her upcoming 20th high school reunion and her plans include trolling and judging everyone. Her friends have all made bets on what hijinks they can expect during this momentous occasion. One of them involves The Legend of Spongebob™ and whether or not Jenn will make it weird with his new wife. The conversation then goes into the fact Jenn has never been on a first date in her life, and the questions she has about first dates and her outrage over there being so many rules about dating. Get more from Jenn on her blog, 


Your Moment of Jenn Episode 118: Ovulation Psychosis

July 1, 2017

This week Jenn is BACK with a breakdown of how ovulation psychosis is a THING in your late 30s and other random nonsense that makes her an asshole Enjoy!


Your Moment of Jenn Episode 117: The More You Know

May 5, 2017

Jenn has the flu and other things going on this week, but she has time to update everyone with a podcast! This week she keeps the Q&A going with her take on things from sexual compatibility to how she feels about Atlanta. As always, Jenn holds nothing back and it's a must listen!